• To excuse an absence or request homework, please email or call Tina Gift first thing in the morning at 971-200-8052.

    Remind your student that they need to check-in with the Attendance Office, if late/tardy. 

    Please call, email, or send a note with your student to take to the Attendance Office if they will be leaving at any time during the school day.


    All students between the ages of 7 & 18, who have not completed grade 12, are required to attend school unless otherwise exempted by law. School staff will monitor and report violations of the state compulsory attendance law.

    The goals of our District’s attendance requirements are to:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
    • Contribute to the academic success of students;  
    • Inform parents about their students' class attendance or nonattendance;  
    • Place the responsibility for attendance in the hands of students and their parents;  
    • Aid students in making decisions and accepting the responsibilities and consequences resulting from those       decisions;  
    • Stress that punctual and regular attendance is a learned function necessary in coping with life; 
    • Stress attendance may impact grades and credit;  
    • Meet Oregon graduation requirements

    Each school shall notify parents/guardians by the end of the school day if their child has an unplanned absence.  If the parent/guardian cannot be notified by the above methods, a message shall be left, if possible.    Persons having legal control of a student ages 7-18 who has not completed the 12th grade are required to have the student attend school and maintain regular attendance.

    Please be informed that there are legal actions that must be taken if students do not meet the minimum standards for regular attendance.  


    In order for a student to be able to participate in an after-school event (this applies to spectators also) including practices,  he/she must attend school all day on the day of the event, unless pre-arranged with the administration.  Administrative decisions will be final.


    Each staff member will provide a tardy policy for his/her classroom. The teacher will hold the student accountable for their tardies to class and communicate home to the parent/guardian when necessary. Excessive tardies will be turned over to the administration for disciplinary action.

    • Tardy # 1: three unexcused tardies in any one class in one semester. Result is after school detention.

    • Tardy # 2: any tardy from any other class in the same semester. Result is after school detention.

    • Tardy # 3: the next tardy from any class in the same semester. Result is Saturday School.

    • Unexcused absences will result in In School Suspension.



    For additional questions about our attendance policies, please email or call Tina Gift at 971-200-8052.