About Scappoose High School


    Scappoose High School is a comprehensive, 4-year public high school located in Scappoose, Oregon approximately 20 miles northwest of Portland along the Columbia River.  Our student body is talented, energetic, and involved.  They are a reflection of our strong extracurricular programs, including a large and competitive athletic department, an OASC gold rated student council, 17 school clubs, and a tight-knit and supportive community.  We have a strong and committed faculty, built on a rich tradition of excellence in instruction.

    Scappoose High School offers a comprehensive selection of courses in the areas of Business Technology, Mathematics, Visual & Technical Arts, Language Arts, Science, and Social Science.  Students are encouraged to challenge themselves by enrolling in Advanced Placement, Willamette/Northwest Promise, and dual credit courses.  SHS operates on a semester schedule; six classes, 60 minutes, 5 days per week.  Each semester runs for 15 weeks.  Two "J-Terms" are implemented at the conclusion of each semester.  Each "J-Term" runs for 3 weeks; three classes, 105 minutes, 5 days per week.  A wide variety of rigorous elective and recovery courses are offered during "J-Term."

    *Approximately 85% of Scappoose High School graduates entered post-secondary educational institutions (40% 4-year colleges, 38% community colleges/technical schools, and 7% enlist in the military). 

                                                                                                   *Data self-reported from Scappoose High School's Class of 2016


    All students should feel safe at school and in their communities.  SafeOregon gives kids, parents, schools, and their communities a way to report safety threats or potential acts of violence.  

  • Mission:

    To nurture, inspire, and challenge students to become confident critical thinkers, socially responsible citizens and life-long learners.

    We Value:

    • Academic Achievement
    • Clear, Effective Communication
    • A Safe Environment
    • Trust & Respect
    • Integrity of Character & Practice
    • Responsibility
    • Accountability
    • Relevant Educational Experience
    • Variety in Learning & Teaching
    • Collaboration 
    • Partnership with Families & the Community