Elementary Schools

What is the advisory health metric that needs to be satisfied for SSD to consider offering In-Person Hybrid Instruction for elementary students?
The advisory health metric set by the Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon Health Authority in the Ready Schools, Safe Learners (RSSL) guidance indicates that we need to have 350 or fewer positive COVID-19 cases per 100,000 over the previous two-week period in Columbia, Washington, and Multnomah Counties. 

When will In-Person Hybrid Instruction begin?
K-3 started Hybrid on February 8

4-6 started Hybrid on March 8

What will the In-Person Hybrid Instruction look like?
Hybrid learning is a teaching method where teachers instruct in-person two days a week and students are provided asynchronous learning opportunities the other days of the week. 

Students in the hybrid learning model will be placed in Cohort A or Cohort B. 

Cohort A will attend in person at the building on Monday & Tuesday 

Wednesday- building closed for sanitation & disinfection

Cohort B will attend in person at the building on Thursday & Friday 

If you chose the Hybrid model for your learner - ODE and Oregon Health Authority requires:

 Students wear masks for the duration of the school day, indoors and outdoors 

  1. 6-feet social distancing requirements will be followed at all times
  2. Students will have limited movement within the school building to maintain health and safety
  3. All meals will be served in the classroom
  4. No supervision will be provided before or after school due to cohorting limitations
  5. Due to safety guidelines, schools will not have volunteers at this time

How will the classroom experience be different from regular school?
Students will be sitting in a chair at a desk or table that is spaced 6 feet from all other students. Students may be directed to keep their own supplies in a box, bin or cubby.

Will my child have recess at school?
Yes, students will have recess.  No outdoor playground structures will be used. Each class will have a cohort bag of recess equipment that is disinfected by the teacher daily.  

Recess will be guided by staff and the homeroom teacher and separate from other cohorts. This will be built into the master schedule.  Recess activities (e.g. four-square, hopscotch, wallball, field games, etc.) will be planned to support physical distancing and maintain stable cohorts (e.g. limiting the number of students at one game, etc.).   Given the lessened capacity for equipment use due to cohorting and physical distancing requirements, teachers will need to set and reinforce expectations for shared use of equipment by students and may need to support students with schedules for when specific equipment can be used. 

Masks must be worn during recess times.

Students must wash hands with soap and/or water for 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with 60-95% alcohol before and after using playground equipment.

Students will re-enter the building through the doors at the end of the wings.  Teachers will direct this process and support social distancing.

Will my child be eating at school?
Students will be eating at school. Hybrid students will eat their meals — breakfast, snack, and lunch — in their classrooms. Meals will be free to all students who want them.

Will transportation be provided?
Bus transportation will be provided for students who live within specified attendance boundaries. We’ll be running buses with fewer students, adhering to all social distancing guidelines and doing enhanced cleaning.

What safety measures will be implemented?
We'll follow all safety protocols set forth by the Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Health Authority Ready Schools, Safe Learners (RSSL) guidance. We’ll have strict safety protocols in place at school including space bubbles of 35 square feet per student, vigorous cleaning routines, contact tracing and mandatory face coverings.

Please review the COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidance to learn more about SSD's safety procedures for In-person Hybrid learning. 

Will my child have to wear a face covering for In-Person Hybrid Instruction?
Face coverings are now required for all students in grades kindergarten and above along with all staff.  Students wearing a shield, must wear a face mask in addition to a shield. 

  • If a student removes a face covering, or demonstrates a need to remove the face covering for a short-period of time, the school/team will: 
    • Provide space away from peers while the face covering is removed; not  alone or unsupervised
    • Provide additional instructional supports to effectively wear a face covering 
    • Provide students adequate support to re-engage in safely wearing a face covering
    • Students cannot be discriminated against or disciplined for an inability to safely wear a face covering during the school day
  • Students who abstain from wearing a face covering, or students whose families determine the student will not wear a face covering, during On-Site instruction must be provided access to instruction. Comprehensive Distance Learning may and should  be utilized as an option,  however additional provisions apply to students protected under ADA and IDEA.
  • If any student requires an accommodation to meet the requirement for face coverings, the school will  work to limit the student’s proximity to students and staff to the extent possible to minimize the possibility of exposure. Appropriate accommodations could include: 
    • Offering different types of face coverings and face shields that may meet the needs of the student
    • Spaces away from peers while the face covering is removed; not  alone or unsupervised
    • Short periods of the educational day that do not include wearing the face covering, while following the other health strategies to reduce the spread of disease
    • Additional instructional supports to effectively wear a face covering
  • Please contact the building administrator if your child has a medical reason that prevents them from being able to wear a face covering/mask.  Documentation from a physician will be necessary.

Are vaccines available for elementary students?
No vaccines have yet been approved for use with elementary-aged children.