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Please see the following message from Durham School Services:

For the start of the school year, Durham School Services will be unable to provide full bus service for the Scappoose School District due to driver shortages.  The area and the nation are experiencing an unprecedented driver shortage.  We are offering a $3,000 signing bonus for credentialed drivers and a $2,000 bonus for non-CDL drivers.  We offer paid CDL training as well as a starting wage of $19.45 an hour. We also have a billboard, have sent mailers to all surrounding zip codes, ran newspaper ads and radio ads, and boosted our online profile. With the current employment challenges facing the area, we are still unable to fill our open spots.  I have reached out to all of my sites in the NW and the rest of the Northern US for help, and they could not spare any drivers.  I have reached out to competitors, and they are in the same position and unable to help.

Therefore, we have a plan that requires us to eliminate routes on a weekly rolling schedule until we can secure more drivers.  We will pick up all Special Education routes weekly. Click here for bus route information.

We anticipate having drivers secured in three to four weeks, whereby we will bring back routes to full capacity.

Please accept my humblest apologies for the challenges this will create for the students, parents, and District. We are working tirelessly to get you the service you deserve.


 Durham School Services