Mr. Monson

  •  Mr. Troy Monson

Message from the Principal

  • Scappoose Middle School has a rich tradition and has been a part of this community for many years. Education has changed tremendously even in the last decade. There are so many educational acronyms’ that many times parents can feel lost when trying to support their child. Our hope at SMS is to provide a quality education for your child in a building that is welcoming for you to access.

    Middle school is a challenging time for students and parents. Children in this age are trying on different personalities and experiencing growth both physically and also emotionally as well.  Middle school students are starting the process of separating from their parents a little bit and practicing some independence. It can be difficult for parents during this time as they weigh what the child should be responsible for and when to step in and provide guidance and support.  The middle school staff wants to be accessible for parents as they navigate this process. By working together we can help your child be challenged and successful in their education.

    One of our main focal points is, and will always be, literacy. If a student can read and access information they can be successful in any and all content areas. Making sure that students have the ability not only to be fluent readers, but to comprehend what they read and be able to identify main ideas and supporting details is what we are targeting at SMS. To this end we provide reading supports during our enrichment/intervention period. This instruction is targeted to develop whatever skill a child is lacking. For the enrichment, we provide high interest subjects that encourage students to want to attend school and become involved in their education.

    The goal for us at SMS is to educate your children for the next step of their educational journey. We want to provide a safe place where students can explore their learning while growing intellectually, physically and emotionally as they become adults. Please join us in this goal and feel free to stop and see what your child is doing on a daily basis.