Austin, XK
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    I consider myself to have an extensive knowledge and vast experiences of working with students that have special needs, students with learning disabilities, students that are English language learners, children living in poverty, and the unique students that "march to their own beat!".  
    I earned my B.A. from the University of Texas-Permian Basin, and my M.A. from the University of New Mexico. I have both Art and Special Education teaching licenses in Oregon and Texas. Additionally, I have a continuing administrator license (CAL) from the State of Oregon.

    Personally having ADD and acute dyslexia, I believe it's important that students know that there are adults that also continue to live and learn with learning difficulties. 
    Lastly, I am a professional artist that enjoys sharing my passion for the arts with my students. My photography style is considered "Minimalism", while my painting style is a fusion of "Folk Art" and "Fauvism". 
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    Thank you!
    Austin :)