• Curriculum options are Florida Virtual Academy, Edgenuity, and Apex

    Florida Virtual

    Florida Virtual is a comprehensive K-12 online curriculum. This program is mostly text-based, but it takes advantage of more interactive technology than Edgenuity, embedding Discovery videos, interactive review games and even some avatar clips and virtual labs. These core subject-area classes are very solid and great preparation for students planning to go on to future education after high school. The content relates to the real world, presenting real-world situations and asking questions that connect back to real events and situations as often as possible.Courses are accredited and NCAA approved.

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    Edgenuity is an online curriculum that will be utilized for grade levels K-5. This elementary school online curriculum features over 30 standards-aligned courses. Students will complete age-appropriate, engaging lessons with access to tools that support learning including text to speech, audio and translation, text and picture dictionaries, and more. Edgenuity provides our youngest learners a well-rounded, high-quality education along with more ownership over their learning, which is one of the first steps in developing a lifelong desire to learn.

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