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    We are opening our 2021-2022 enrollment for Scappoose Online Academy. Our goal is to make our school as accessible and our enrollment process as easy to understand as possible.  Please reach out to our admissions team at any point if you have questions. 


    Step 1- Application- Fill out the Application Form here.


    Step 2- Waitlist- Students will be enrolled by the application date until the spaces are full.  Once available spaces are full, we will have a lottery to establish a spot on the waiting list.  A student’s application will be good for one year.  Students who receive a spot will receive a letter from our admissions team with further information. Once a student has been cleared through the ITE Process, they will be eligible for full enrollment. 


    Step 3- Enrollment- Students will receive final confirmation and instructions from our admissions team when cleared.  The parent/guardian will need to confirm enrollment.  If the spot is not confirmed, it may be given to the next student on the waiting list, but you will be eligible for future spots as they come available.