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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Tandle Futter

Mrs. Futter spent her childhood playing Quidditch, bowing to Hippogriffs, and trying to pronounce “Leviosa” correctly.  As she grew up, she longed to share her knowledge with young students, but she came across one very large obstacle: Hogwarts wasn’t hiring.  It was time for Plan B.

“Yer a teacher, Tandle.”

Eleven years after she turned eleven, Mrs. Futter graduated from Western Oregon University and received her Muggle teaching license.  She was charged with a most important mission: Identifying magical students who escaped the notice of the Ministry of Magic.  Mrs. Futter spent ten years searching for such students in middle school, and has done the same for eight years in sixth grade.

Mrs. Futter leads a wonderful Muggle life with her two daughters and husband, a fellow sixth grade teacher.  She enjoys visiting Disney parks, hiking, and dressing up for comic cons.  Mrs. Futter has been known to do unintentional Tinkerbell impersonations, and will occasionally transfigure broccoli into cheese.  She loves cheese.

If you are in Mrs. Futter’s class and you think you might be a wizard, make sure she knows.  You just may find yourself in a boat, sailing toward a castle.  And if you’re a Muggle, don’t worry—she loves having you in class, too.