Ms. Laycee Kinsman

Phone: (971) 200-8003


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Laycee Kinsman

Long ago, in a time marked by slow internet connections, and Netflix by mail, a teacher was born. Her training came from the University of Portland. Her student teaching was in Hillsboro. But the path to Scappoose was not realized for many years. Here is the story of Ms. Kinsman.

For over twelve years, she taught for the Hillsboro School District and lived in Beaverton. In 2014, she and her family moved to Scappoose to build a home. Fortunately, a position was also available at Otto Petersen Elementary. Teaching and living in the same community was new to Ms. Kinsman, but she loved the experience, and the extra time it afforded her to spend at work and with her family.

How could you describe Ms. Kinsman? She has stated the following, which we will assume is truth:

  • This is not my first time teaching 6th grade in an elementary setting; I have taught fourth through eighth grade. Yes, that's right, I survived teaching middle school!
  • This is not my first move. I lived in over 20 houses and three states as a child. Moving to Scappoose was an exciting and welcome change.
  • I love being a teacher. Other than contemplating careers in abalone hunting, philanthropy, and neuropsychology, teaching was always my first choice.
  • I have two children, also attending Scappoose schools. I enjoy being able to support Otto Petersen through participation in the parent group, as well as by being a teacher.
  • I love reading, the Internet, movies, traveling, eating interesting foods, and telling stories.

Ms. Kinsman strives to uphold high expectations for her students and to create a rigorous learning environment where all her learners are equal participants. She very much enjoys working in Scappoose and supporting the community. Ms. Kinsman feels her path has led her to a great destiny: that of 6th Grade Teacher, Otto Petersen Elementary. May she forever carry this torch with pride.

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