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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Jerad May

My Education:

I attended primary school in Milwaukie, OR at a small school called Candy Lane Elementary.  My all-time favorite teacher was my 5th-grade teacher, Mr. Johnson.  Not only was Mr. Johnson a big baseball fan like myself, but he let us explore all sorts of awesome subjects like the stock market, and planning and building a miniature cardboard house. We even had to budget for the "materials" (cardboard) we used!  Needless to say, his influence on my education was huge, and I hope that I might be able to have the sort of impact on you, like he did on me.

Growing up near Gladstone, I attended Middle School and High School as a Gladstone Gladiator.  After graduating, I jumped in my car and drove the 7 1/2 hours to Nampa, Idaho where I attended college at Northwest Nazarene University. There I received a Bachelors and then a Masters degree in Philosophy and Religion.  After moving back to the Portland area, it wasn't long until I finally decided that I loved teaching!  By the fall of 2014, I enrolled in the Master's in the Art of Teaching program at Multnomah University.


My Interests/Hobbies:

There is so much to love about life! I would say other than spending time with my wife and children, my top three things to do in the world are eating (of course), playing disc golf, and playing board games! Close to follow is watching sports (baseball, football), camping/hiking, and having super deep conversations about the meaning of life.


Why I became a teacher:

First of all, I have always had a teacher’s heart. I love the interaction, the “aha” moments, the learning I myself get from it, and the creativity it requires. I love every chance I get to spur people on, challenge them, encourage them, and expose them to ideas they might not have ever considered. I believe it is in these stretching, challenging and learning moments that people really grow.  Life is a gift, and education for me is about learning to be a good person and do incredible things for others and the world with this "gift" we call life.

While I love teaching, I am just as passionate, if not more so, about learning. As a matter of fact, both “belief” and “learning” are my number one and two strengths in strength finders. The world around me fascinates me. It doesn’t matter to me whether or not its math, science, history or literature, it all says something to me about life and the power/possibility of discovery.  I have a passion for learning because learning helps me become a better person. It informs the way I live, and how I interact with others for the cause of the greater good.

These two passions, teaching and learning, are rooted in a passion to impact the world around. My hope is that as a teacher, I will be granted the unique opportunity to have profound and lasting influence on my student’s lives. My desire is that I can instill in them a passion for discovery, no matter what the subject, and ultimately, inspire them to think critically and creatively about the world and how to address its problems. If they can do this, then it is my hope that they will face the challenges of this world with confidence as innovative problem solvers.