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Wellness Wednesday Tips from Nurse Brenda:

  • Self-Massage

    Posted by Brenda VanDomelen on 6/9/2021 10:00:00 AM
    If you've ever had a massage, you've probably experienced the stress-relieving benefits firsthand.  But if you need any convincing, research on massage therapy has demonstrated that massage has a positive effect on health and that people report less stress and anxiety and improved mood after receiving massage.  Massage has also been shown to reduce fatigue and insomnia and to relieve muscle pain.  In a study conducted on people with dementia, a simple hand massage reduced anxiety and agitation and lowered physiological markers of stress, like cortisol levels.
        While a day in the spa is always welcome, you can receive the stress-relieving benefits of massage on your own. You can intuitively self-massage any area of your body where you feel tension by applying pressure to that area in any manner that feels restorative.  Otherwise, here are a few quick self-massage exercises to get you started.
    To Soothe Aching Feet
    1. Sitting down resting one of your feet on your other knee.
    2. Cradle your foot in both of your hands
    3.Using your thumbs, apply pressure in a circular motion.
    4.Fold one of your hands over your toes and move your foot in a circular motion.
    To Relieve Back Tension
    1. Sitting or standing, place your hands on your hips so that your thumbs are pressing into your low back on either side of your spine.
    2. Making small circular motions with your thumbs move your hands up and down your back.
    3. When you find particularly tense areas of your back, increase your pressure or spend more time massaging that area.
    To Release Tight Shoulders
    1. Stand with your back up against a wall and place a tennis ball between your shoulders.
    2.Move your body up and down by bending and straightening your legs to move the ball up and down your spine.
    3. If you find particularly tight places along your spine, focus your movement so that the ball makes small movements around it to release the tension.
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