• Distance Learning Information for OPE Families

    Our school is now shifting the focus from providing supplemental learning activities toward a more robust distance learning model as we conclude our year together. The growing collection of resources listed on this page is designed to support families in their home learning adventures. Please visit the information and links below.

    Packets and Resources: As we continue learning remotely, teachers will add their weekly materials to this folder for you to access everything in one place. We will also add any video instructions about the technology, information about community resources for families, etc. here as well. Additionally, information about picking up and dropping off hard copies of distance learning materials is available here.

    If you have any questions during this time, please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher.

    Art with Ms. Chrissy: Students who would like to participate in fun art activities are welcome to join us for a live stream at 4 PM Monday-Friday. You can also check out Ms. Chrissy's YouTube channel for recordings of these activities.

    Grading Information: Please see this important information from Ms. Crocker and Mrs. Small about end of year grading and report cards.

    Recursos y infomación en español: Esta carta tiene recursos y infomación en español para nuestros familias.

  • Technology Resources

    As our staff produces resources for families, we will post them here so you can access them easily.

    Sharing a computer at home? Check out this helpful video from Mrs. Kinsman on how to create separate profiles on Chrome so that everyone can set up their own personalized bookmarks, links, and look to suit your preferences.

    Technology Help: Many teachers are using Google Classroom to support home learning activities, submitting assignments, and sharing information for classes as well. If you encounter issues with Google Classroom or a district-provided Chromebook, our technology department is available to assist you with any needs you may have. You can reach them by email at ssdit@scappoose.k12.or.us.


  • Google Classroom Tips

    How to edit and turn in assignments in Google Classroom: For a video tour of how to fill in assignment templates provided by your teacher, and then turn in the completed assignments in Google Classroom, please see this helpful video from Ms. Miller.