• Dear Parents:

    The time for parent-teacher conferences is almost here. Our teachers look forward to talking with you about your child's academic and social growth. Conferences are scheduled for November 25-26, 2019 from 8 AM to 8 PM each day. Students will NOT attend school on conference days.

    Each child’s conference will last for 20 minutes’ time. If you feel that you need to talk at greater length with the teacher, please make an appointment to return at a later date. Remember, the teachers welcome a conference at any time during the year that you feel it is necessary.

    Due to the number of students and the popularity of certain hours, we find it necessary to schedule parents for specific time periods. In an effort to streamline registration for conferences, we are employing an electronic sign up procedure this year. To select a conference time, please click on the link to the sign up page for your child’s homeroom teacher.

    4th Grade

    Mrs. Richard
    Ms. Larson
    Ms. Miller
    Ms. Lewno
    Mrs. Longtain
    Mrs. Medrano

    5th Grade

    Mr. Darco
    Mrs. Jenkins
    Mrs. Ellett
    Ms. Veach
    Mrs. Krieck
    Mrs. Gonrowski

    6th Grade

    Mr. May
    Mr. Emerson
    Mrs. Baker
    Mr. Bruno
    Mrs. Futter
    Mrs. Ashley

    Structured Skills Center

    Ms. Sawyer


    Once you select and sign up for the available conference time of your choosing, you will automatically receive confirmation and reminders by email. Your child’s name and time will not be visible to others; the system only shows that the time is full.

    Should you have any questions about scheduling a conference, please contact your child’s teacher directly. We look forward to meeting with you at conferences!