Forecasting is the process of selecting classes you wish to take during the next school year and beyond. It is a plan that prepares you for college, work, and your goals for the future. During high school, you have the opportunity to make many choices and decisions that will impact your future. Forecasting is one of these opportunities.

    In order for forecasting to be successful, you must read the COURSE DESCRIPTION GUIDE carefully. The Course Description Guide should be used to acquaint you and your parent/guardian(s) to Scappoose High School’s graduation requirements, program offerings and course descriptions, and policies and procedures. If you plan on enrolling in a 4-year college or university, you must meet additional requirements in addition to those needed to graduate.

    You should consider your options carefully when selecting courses. The school’s master schedule is built around the classes students forecast for. Therefore, it is essential that you make requests for classes that you are genuinely interested in attending. Every attempt is made to satisfy student requests; however, students may receive a schedule that is reflective of ALTERNATIVE CHOICES in the event that we are unable to offer a course due to insufficient enrollment, inadequate funding, or scheduling conflicts.

    2020-2021 Forecasting Info:










    It is the goal of the counseling department to provide each student with an acceptable schedule each semester. It is imperative for students to take great care in selecting classes and alterna-tives during the forecasting process. If a scheduling error has been made, the counselor should be notified as soon as possible.

    The following are reasons for an automatic schedule change:

    1. A scheduling error was made and student was placed in an incorrect class (example: placed in Geometry but should be in Algebra).
    2. Student is missing a core graduation requirement.
    3. Student failed a class and has not yet recovered the credit.
    4. Student was placed in a class they did not forecast for.

    Other schedule changes will be granted only after serious consideration of all aspects of the change.

    A student must request to change their schedule by filling out an ADD/DROP CLASS form and have parent/guardian permission. Not all requests can or will be granted. Schedule changes based on teacher preference will not be granted, unless it helps balance class sizes.

    Students have 5 days into each semester to initiate a class change. If a student drops a class after 5 days, a grade of WF will be recorded on their transcript.