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Emergency Protocol

The School Emergency Response Plan addresses Scappoose Schools’ responsibilities in emergencies associated with natural disasters, human-caused emergencies, and technological incidents. It provides a framework for the coordination of response and recovery efforts within the district in coordination with the City of Scappoose, Columbia County, and the State of Oregon. The Plan establishes an emergency organization to direct and control operations at the school site during a period of emergency by assigning responsibilities to specific personnel.


The purpose of the Emergency Response Plan is to protect the safety and welfare of SSD students, employees, visitors, and volunteers, and to ensure the preservation of public property.


The scope encompasses all SSD school sites and district facilities. It addresses a broad range of major emergencies. Such events include crimes committed on campus, hazardous material emergencies, weather emergencies, and fires. 

The objectives of the plan are to:  

  • Protect the safety and welfare of students, employees, visitors, and volunteers.
  • Provide a safe and coordinated response to emergencies.
  • Protect the school's facilities and properties.
  • Enable the school to restore normal conditions in the shortest time possible.  

  Standard Response Protocol