Extended Year Program

  • Extended school year services are provided if the child’s IEP Team determines, on an individual basis, that the services are necessary for the provision of a FAPE. Extended School Year services mean special education and related services that are provided to a child with a disability beyond the normal school year in accordance with the child’s IEP, and are provided at no cost to the parents of the child.
    "Extended School Year" (ESY) services are typically provided during times when school is not normally in session to help eligible students maintain skills that are related to their Individual Education Plan goals and objectives, and when such services are necessary for the student to receive a FAPE. ESY is designed to maintain skills for a student who may otherwise suffer significant regression and require excessive time to recoup lost skills. Regression and recoupment are primary factors used to determine if a student is eligible for ESY services. Other factors, may be considered according to the professional judgment of the team. These may include emerging skills and breakthrough opportunities, and can use retrospective and predictive data/judgments.  ESY services are not the same as summer school, and should not be described as such. 
    Link to Special Education Manual for ESY.