OFLA/FMLA and Leaves of Absence

  • Workplace Accommodations Notice

    Expanded FMLA Notice

     OFLA/FMLA Instructions for Employees

    The following forms will need to be completed once you have notified Human Resources and your supervisor of a need for OFLA/FMLA leave.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please call Human Resources at 971-200-8000.


    1. Submit a Request for FMLA/OFLA leave (Application) to HR.  This request shall be provided at least 30 days prior to the leave date if the leave is foreseeable.  Once that is received, HR will review the request and respond with an initial eligibility letter.
    2. Complete a Health Care Provider Certification Form (your doctor will need to complete this form).  This form needs to be completed and return to HR within 15 days.  Your leave will then be designated and tracked.
    3. When you have been released to return to work, have your doctor complete a Release to Work Authorization form.  This must be done PRIOR to returning to work.  This includes potential light duty, reduced hours or returning full time.


    Caution   Things to know:

    • OFLA/FMLA is unpaid, however, employees use their accrued leave.
    • Employees are generally entitled to 12 weeks of leave within any one year period
    • OFLA/FMLA runs concurrently (at the same time) for a combined total of 12 weeks.  Leave may be continuous or intermittent.  Intermittent is tracked by the hours taken; contact HR for assistance.
    • Insurance: During FMLA leave, the employer must maintain the employee's health coverage under and "group health plan" on the same terms as if the employee had continued to work.  Scappoose School District will continue to make it's contribution, but if there are any out-of-pocket expenses, you will need to make arrangements with payroll to pay your portion.
    • AESOP:  Contact your supervisor to discuss how/when your time will be entered.


    Employee Rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)



    OFLA/FMLA Forms:

    Request for OFLA/FMLA Leave (Application)

    Health Care Provider Certification Form

    Release to Work Authorization Form


    Leave of Absence request form: